The Central Texas Transgender Society is an informal association of individuals and groups in the central Texas area, formed primarily to develop and maintain this Web Site. The site is provided as a resource to the transgender community in the Central Texas area, serving (but not necessarily limited to) transexuals, cross-dressers, and genderqueer folks.

The goals of this site are to:

  • promote cooperation among the diverse members of the gender community
  • promote an understanding of issues and problems related to matters of gender, gender choices, and gender bias
  • provide an open forum for communication between those within and outside of our community
  • provide a place for persons in the transgender community to meet, communicate, and share information.

Please visit the About page to find out more about us.

We've chosen the yellow rose, a well-known Texas symbol, because it combines elements of the things many of us associate with being transgender—the flower, which can lie dormant for many years before it blooms, the beauty to which we aspire, the thorns which protect us, and the varieties that blossom in our garden.

Yellow Rose

Upcoming Events and other Community News

Yellow Rose

A list of local and national TG Resources (support groups, web sites, etc.) and local businesses (shops, services, etc.).

You can help us by sending in your entries for the Resources pages, to our web administrator. Or use that link above to send me any trouble you have with the providers listed.

Yellow Rose

Writings and commentary from members of the area TG community.

[Updated 07/02/2005]

Yellow Rose

A short description of our group.

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